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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Volunteer Producer ?
NCTV offers training in Television Production with the eventual goal for the student to graduate to Volunteer Producer. Call us at 508-234-0200 to find out when the next series of workshops will begin.

Can I submit a video for airing on NCTV ?
Yes. Providing you are a resident of Northbridge and at least 18 years old you can submit any non-commercial video you choose. Just come in and fill out a Cablecast Request Form and sign it and we will do the rest.

Who is responsible for the programming aired on NCTV ?

The Volunteer Producer /video submitter is 100% liable for their show and repercussions of airing their show. NCTV, it's Staff, Board of Directors or the Town of Northbridge hold no liability for any program aired on NCTV.

What if I need an event recorded for broadcast on NCTV.  Can I request coverage?

Since our programming is all volunteer driven which aligns with the very nature of public access TV, NCTV will forward any requests for event coverage to our volunteers. 

What is the primary purpose of the studio staff? 

NCTV staff is primarily here to run the day to day operations of NCTV including providing training and technical support to our volunteers as needed.

What video format do you accept ?
At this time the only format we accept is DVD.

Do you need to be at least 18 years old in order to become a Producer and use the facility ?
Yes, it is studio policy that all people involved in our station are required to be at least the age of 18. If you are under 18 and you still would like to be involved there are a couple ways to get this to happen.

a. Contact your school administration to see what the school system is offering.
b. Go out and shoot and edit your show and have a parent drop off and sign a cablecast request form.

Can I become a volunteer producer if I reside in another community ?
The benefits of NCTV are for Northbridge Residents.  However if you are a employee of the Town of Northbridge or a business owner in town you may also reap the benefits.

What is the cost of attending producer training sessions ?
As a public service, all our training sessions are free open to residents/business owners of Northbridge 18 years or older.

Does NCTV have any paid positions available ?
Not at this time. When one is available it will be first posted on the NCTV website to give Northbridge Residents the first opportunity.

Does NCTV have any volunteer positions available ?
Volunteer positions are always open. The more the better. We are always looking for people  who would like to serve their town through our facility.

How do I get a copy of a program that aired on NCTV-?
Contact us at 508-234-0200 and make the request. If the producer of the program is okay with us giving out a copy of their show then we will. The donation to cover labor and materials is 5.00 per DVD.

Is NCTV a branch of The Town of Northbridge ?

No. Northbridge Community Television Inc. is a private non-profit corporation.

How does NCTV get it's funding ?
Through fees the cable customer paysas which is collected by the cable company and donations.

What are the rules for posting a bulletin ?

Must be non-profit.  Send bulletins to our email address info@nctv11.org

Does NCTV accept commercial programming ?

How long has NCTV been serving the Community of Northbridge ?

30 years.

When can I expect for the Northbridge Board of Selectmen Meetings to appear on our Video On Demand service?
Usually 2 weeks from the original meeting date.  In the meantime you may watch the newest meeting on channel 192 or enjoy over 30 past Northbridge Board of Selectmen Meetings.  Please see the link on our home page.

What happened to the channels?   Why are they no longer on 11, 12 and 13?  

On October 14, 2014, without notice to Northbridge Community Television, Charter Communications AKA Spectrum forcibly moved our channels from 11, 12 and 13 to 191, 192 and 194. This is a violation of the cable license with Charter and the Town of Northbridge MA  Charter to date, has completely refused to comply or come to the table to remedy the violation and attack on our facility.   Unless Charter Spectrum begins to care about the consumers who subscribe to their service and returns the channels where they are contractually obligated, Charter Spectrum will continue to be in breach of Contract until 2023.  This failure by Charter Spectrum has damaged your local community channels  significantly.  Northbridge Community Television will continue to fight until the consumers who pay for the services we provide are respected and the channels are returned to their original channel locations.